decorate with love ❤️


Greeting cards as home decor.

Greetings! Lester and Mike here. We're the owners of tessewood. Greeting cards should be more than something read once and then thrown away. We think cards should be displayed in our homes and office to remind us of those who care about us.


Sentimental gifts. Meaningful spaces.

During the pandemic in 2020, I noticed something was wrong. On the surface, everything seemed fine. I thought I felt content. But at that time, I didn't have the understanding and vocabulary to express my escalating mental health issues. I had to take a step back in the fall of 2021 and work on myself.

At my lowest, I practiced gratitude and acceptance. I channeled my energy to fostering my creativity and healing. And it was through this exploration, I rediscovered the joy that design brings me. With some wood, paper, and a Glowforge that was just collecting dust in my basement, I founded 'tessewood'. Thanks for taking this journey with us and stay tuned for more products and designs! I hope our cards uplift you as much as they have for me.


Made and packaged with love.

We care deeply about social responsibility. From the packages we ship our products in, to the materials we make our products with, we always consider the impacts to our plant. This is why we do not ship our products in plastic sleeves or plastic protection, but rather, we wrap our products in water-resistant biodegradable parchment paper or wax paper. We promise to continually evaluate how we can be a better brand and business to our plant and communities.